First time floater or new to Float8? Start with our Intro3 package! We are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your initial float experiences at Float8 and spend some time on your first visit with a detailed orientation to ensure you’re comfortable. Just like going to the gym or a yoga studio, floating has a cumulative effect and may require a few visits to fully let go. That’s why we offer this deep discount to our new floaters.

Pro Tip: Consider upgrading to a 90-minute float for an extra $20. Counter to what you might think, it’s especially nice to have the extra time during your early floats so you can explore the new environment, experiment with floating positions and generally not feel rushed. Many of our new floaters tell us that they’re glad they had the extra time and that it passes much quicker than they expect. Our Memberships include FREE 30-minute upgrades as a perk and most of our members float for 90-minutes when they have the time.


Three (3) Floats (60-minutes)
$140 (buy 2, get 1 free!)
*new customers only, not shareable, expires 60 days from 1st use

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