(voting guides below)

We encourage our float family to participate in democracy and vote! If you book a float between now and election day (Tues 11/6) and show up with your “I Voted Today” or “I Voted Early” sticker on or show us a photo of you with the sticker after voting, we will reward you with the opportunity to purchase a $40 Float90 (50% off) that you can use that day or anytime in the future. Then following your float, you can participate in our “I Floated Today” campaign for a chance to win another FREE Float90. Details below.


In an effort to ease the gravity of election season, we encourage you to “Get Out And Float!” Following any float from now through Tuesday 11/6, pick up a FREE “I Floated Today” sticker at the reception desk, take a photo of yourself showing off that post float glow, and share to social media using #ifloatedtoday and tagging @float8ion (Ig)/Float8 Wellness Lounge (Fb) for a chance to win a Float90!


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