Float8 is South Florida’s premier destination to relax, recover and reset with locations in Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach. Floatation therapy is a holistic health and wellness treatment that reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, improves sleep and increases focus, helping our clients live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

We provide a serene & clean environment for you to step outside your restricted reality and into your infinite being. Float8 is a family owned business operated by Matt and Destiny Beck of Delray Beach, FL. “My previous work in the music industry coupled with the challenges of Life lead me to such an unhealthy level of stress and anxiety that I was desperate for help. Cue floating. My time in a float tank helps me maintain the perspective needed to live a fulfilling life…plain and simple. Floating provides me so much value that I am truly inspired to provide the service to my community. I am a true believer that floating has made me a better husband, son, boss and Earthling.” – Matt Matt first floated in October of 2013 at Du20 in Delray Beach and after a challenging float or two, quickly experienced the positive effects. As 2014, a year of consistent floating for Matt, came to an end, he began exploring the business of floatation therapy and arranged an apprenticeship at industry leading float center Float On in Portland, OR where he also attended the annual Float Conference in August of 2015 (he has also attended every year since accompanied by Destiny most years). Matt began focusing on Float8 in March of 2016 and opened their first location with four float tanks in Deerfield Beach in August 2017. Floatation therapy was hardly known in South Florida at the time but having worked hard to establish himself as an expert in the industry, Matt and Destiny with their dedicated team and inspired floaters have helped spread the word far and wide. As momentum built, the expansion stars aligned in the summer of 2019 when Matt lucked upon some lightly used tanks and the perfect location in an up-and-coming Fort Lauderdale neighborhood where they are poised open their second four tank location in the Fall of 2020.

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