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What if you could live a happier, healthier and more productive life free of stress, anxiety and pain?

Improve sleep
Deepen meditation
Ease aches & pains
Reduce stress & anxiety
Increase focus & creativity
Aid athletic performance & recovery

Experience the vast benefits of floatation therapy at Orlando’s top float centers…

Our Clients
Absolutely Adore Us

Orlando’s SoDo

70+ reviews

Baldwin Park

160+ reviews

“My first float, which I received as an early birthday gift, was truly a delight! This immaculate facility is tranquil and staffed by passionate and welcoming individuals (particularly their manager Renee) who ensure that you are properly equipped to experience your float as intended. As an equestrian who is constantly ridden with acts and pains, my body could not be more grateful for the relief that I am experiencing today. I am genuinely looking forward to my next float!”

Soleil RiverFloat8 Orlando's SoDo

“This was my first time floating with the membership they offer. The experience here is always very relaxing from beginning to end. Naomi was very attentive and friendly. I look forward to making this a consistent practice!”

Matthew MorrisFloat8 Baldwin Park

“It was my first time trying float therapy and it was super relaxing. The ambiance in the room was perfect. I appreciated her giving me lots of info about the benefits and got some great tea after I finished floating. Would definitely recommend.”

Anaiya JFloat8 Baldwin Park

“If you need to give your body a reset this is the place to go! By far the best experience ever ! I got a membership and I told all my friends about it! YOU MUST TRY! LOVE IT.”

susy trunickFloat8 Orlando's SoDo

“I truly enjoyed this experience. I will continue to come back as part of my self-care journey. Thank you for great service Katie.”

Tonia ElliottFloat8 Orlando's SoDo

“I went here with my wife and was very skeptical at first, to say the least. I was incredibly happy with the entire experience. Super relaxing, great staff, great location; I will definitely be returning for another float session!!! This is a must-do for anyone.”

James AugustineFloat8 Baldwin Park

“This place was amazing. The staff is super friendly, like above and beyond. The location had good parking. The Pods were out of this world! Everything feels so silky and soft. You float, painlessly (osteoarthritis in both knees), content, calm, in your own little space. Just seemed like nothing could stress me while I was in "my" space. It was complete bliss. I'm hooked!”

Katie HaussFloat8 Orlando's SoDo

Improving quality of life, one amazing float at a time.

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