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Why Float Therapy is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

By May 4, 2020 No Comments

Time moves differently during quarantine. The days and nights start to flow together, and it’s often difficult to stay on top of what month it is, let alone the day of the week. If you, like many of us, have lost track of time, then we have two important public service announcements. First, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. Secondly, if that snuck up on you, then there’s no better place to look for a last-minute gift than Float8. Right now, we’re offering 25 percent off all float packages, memberships, and gift cards, so you can surprise your mom with the gift of inner wellness.

Enjoy 25% off all float packages, memberships, and gift cards through Mother’s Day!

Though not quite as quintessential as breakfast in bed or a bouquet of flowers, float therapy is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. From a decrease in parental stress to an opportunity to enjoy some time to herself, the benefits offered by floating are just what any mom needs. With that in mind, here are four reasons you should thank your mom for your nine-month float with her own 90-minute float.


It will help her physically relax

Motherhood is a workout. There are late nights, early mornings, strollers to push, lunches to pack, carpools to drive — moms are constantly on the move, and that’s the kind of schedule that comes with its own set of aches and pains. Regular floating is one of the best ways to stay a step ahead of that physical toll, and not just because it’s literally a way to get off one’s feet for a bit. 

In addition to offering relief from chronic pain, float therapy helps your body rest and reset. The secret is in the salt — the magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) solution within each float pod provides the floater with wondrous physical advantages, including reduced soreness and inflammation, accelerated muscle recovery, and decreased pain. All your mom has to do is lie back, relax, and let the float tank do its work.


It will reduce her stress levels

A mother’s love is unconditional, but that doesn’t mean it’s untested. From attempting to calm down a wailing infant throughout a cross-country flight to dealing with bratty teenagers, motherhood comes with a constant stream of unique stressors. And that’s not to mention the fact that the 24/7 responsibility of parenting can take a toll on one’s mental health. Burnout, anxiety, a lack of sleep, physical and emotional fatigue — what otherwise would be seen as symptoms of intense stress — are often considered the default background noise of parenting.

All of this is to say that moms, perhaps more so than anyone else, could benefit from investing some time in their mental wellbeing, and regular floating is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Floating induces what’s called a theta state, a period of reduced electrical activity in the brain that results in a rhythmic, meditative mode of consciousness. That theta state, in turn, does wonders for one’s mental health, helping to decrease cortisol, increase dopamine, improve sleep, and reduce symptoms of common mental illnesses.

Studies have shown that a single one-hour session in a float tank can cause a significant reduction in anxiety and an improvement in mood in individuals with stress-related illnesses. One study even found that people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) experience reduced symptoms of depression, fatigue, insomnia, and irritability. 

As any mother knows, the next parenting crisis is always right around the corner, so give her the tools she needs to tackle it. 


It will give her time to prioritize herself

Mothers are always putting their children before themselves. They leave work early to make it to their daughter’s recital on time. They forgo the night out if the babysitter cancels. They wake up at ungodly hours to drive their son to soccer practice. Moms are constantly sacrificing to give their children better lives — so if anyone could benefit from a little TLC, it’s them. 

Adding regular floatation to one’s schedule is a simple and effective way to make time for oneself. So let your mom put herself first for once, and give her the gift of Float8.


It will deepen her emotional connection with her children

Despite the physical and emotional stress, despite the late nights and early mornings, despite the burnout and fatigue, your mom loves being your mom. One of the most effective ways to show her you appreciate all that she does is to strengthen the bond that holds you together.

Not many studies have been done on the link between floatation therapy and relationship quality, but when you consider the benefits regular floating provides, it should come as no surprise that people who float tend to enjoy stronger emotional connections. If your mom is less stressed, well-rested, more focused, and in an optimistic mental state, chances are your interactions with her will be more positive and meaningful. So show your mom you love and appreciate her with a chance to unwind, relax, and deepen her relationship with her children.

Enjoy 25% off all float packages, memberships, and gift cards through Mother’s Day!

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