“I have come to appreciate my life like a piece of art. I imagine that when I’m living my life, I’m in the art and may lose sight of its overall beauty. The float tank is an opportunity to step back and gain the perspective needed to appreciate your full experience.”

– Matt, Float8 founder/CEO

Float8 roots run deep in our community, and we are dedicated patrons of the arts. We treat our space as much like an art gallery as anything and have partnered with local artists and galleries to showcase beautiful works of art to color your world and enhance your Float8 experience. Floating broadens your perspective just as art inspires unique interpretations.

We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we do! If you feel connected with one and would like to add it to your collection, fill out the form below to express your interest.

Blind Faith

by Gina White


Acrylic on canvas

Sink or Swim

by Gina White


Acrylic on canvas

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