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Fort Lauderdale

Improving quality of life, one amazing float at a time

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Conveniently located in the NE 13th Street corridor tucked between Victoria Park, Wilton Manors and Flagler Village, Float8 FTL is easily accessible from Oakland Park and Sunrise Boulevards between Federal Highway and Andrews Avenue. There is ample parking with dedicated spots in front of our door and additional parking along the east side our building as well as free public parking along the street and in a lot on the north side of 13th Street.

After checking in, you will be given a tour of our relaxing lounge, restrooms/vanities and float rooms.

We promise to provide a safe, clean and serene environment for you to:
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Relieve aches & pains
  • Improve sleep
  • Aid athletic performance & recovery
  • Increase focus & creativity
  • Deepen meditation


Revolution Float Orbs

Orb1 & Orb2
4’9″ Width | 8’8″ Length | 4’2″ Height


Standard Quest Float Suite

4’4″ Width | 7’10″ Length | 7’4″ Height


Deluxe Quest Float Suite

XL Cabin
6’6″ Width | 7’10″ Length | 7’4″ Height

We hear all the time that our floaters are “claustrophobic” but once they see the Pods, Orbs or Cabins, they express that’s they’re much larger than they were expecting.

Plus you’re in complete control of getting in and out and turning the light on or off the entire time. We follow the strictest sanitation guidelines recommended by the Float Tank Association and Center of Disease Control and enforced by the Florida Department of Health. Although different presentations, once you turn the lights off, all of our float tanks offer 10-12″ of our 30% Epsom salt solution to float in and a whole lot of nothing else. Most floaters feel comfortable in any of the float environments, but the Cabin has a much taller ceiling and is about a foot longer making it more comfortable for those who experience true claustrophobia or who are taller than 6’4″ or so. Our XL Cabin is even bigger and capable of accommodating tandem floats.

Float8 FTL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Monday: 8am – 10pm
  • Tuesday: 2pm – 10pm
  • Wednesday: 7am – 10pm
  • Thursday: 7am – 10pm
  • Friday: 7am – 10pm
  • Saturday: 7am – 10pm
  • Sunday: 7am – 10pm

*We are appointment based and not always in the shop during these hours. Please check our online schedule for current availability.

Our Clients
Absolutely Adore Us

Fort Lauderdale

70+ reviews

“I had a wonderful float experience! Matt was great at explaining what floating is and the benefits. He gave detailed instructions beforehand that made the float go smoothly and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. In the pod, there’s calming lights and meditative music, but I went with the total desensitize approach and turned it all off. I have never experienced anything like it. Was able to completely shut out the world around me and get lost in my thoughts which quieted as I fell into a trance that I can’t quite explain. You just have to try it for yourself!”

Diana LeadleyFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“I love this float center! It is the cleanest, most comfortable and overall calming float center I have been to. I only come here, they are very accommodating and helpful.”

Sabrina CostaFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“I had an amazing experience floating. That was totally new for me and the words can’t describe what i felt. The staff was very friendly, the environment feels pleasant. Very clean place. I felt totally safe being there (especially during Covid times) they are taking great care sanitizing. I definitely would recommend floating to friends and colleges and i would be back too. Its a relief after hard week, helps to reduce the stress and relax your body.”

Nataliia KlimashevskaFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“Staff are super friendly and very inviting. Very clean and relaxing! I would highly recommend it!!! Once your time is up the light and soft music comes on to tell you your time is up. There is a shower inside for you to rinse/clean yourself after your session.”

GiaFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“The staff are so patient, informative, and friendly! The place is relaxing, comforting, and clean. They also have pretty much everything you need for an enjoyable time. Would totally recommend to anyone wanting some time to relax with added health benefits!”

NeoncookiesFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“If you are new to floating. This is the spot. If you are an experienced floater. This is still the spot. Super trippy vibes and peaceful artwork. I enjoy every visit and recommend floating at least once a week. Basically one of the best things you can do for your health... up there with massage and sauna. Jake, or the float guardian, will check you in and help you get comfortable. He’s a pretty rad dude and I usually leave him a fat tip.
What are you waiting for?! Go. Float. Peace.”

Nathaniel ArchibaldFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

“Float8 is the first float studio I've been to, but it helped me fall in love with the practice. It is clean and friendly, with plenty of privacy and space for quiet reflection before and after your float. Float pods are spacious and spotless, and you're fully in control of your experience. Employees do a great job of helping new floaters learn and enjoy the process.”

Tiffany CoxFloat8 Fort Lauderdale

A short story about floating

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