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What’s truly impressive about float tanks is that almost every one of the benefits experienced lasts for several days, beyond the float itself. In fact, the lengthier the float session and the more often float therapy is utilized, the effects become stronger and last longer. In our regular salt therapy floaters, we can see these improvements, in person, at every appointment. Fortunately, floatation creates a positive cycle of recovery and health that simply works to reinforce itself, providing people everywhere with a path – and a means – to a better life.

If you are questioning, “What is float therapy and is it for me?” review the below sections, which will reassure you that our Float8 floating tanks welcome everyone – without discrimination – for this incredibly healing ritual.

How Athletes Use Floatation Therapy

Athletes who practice various sports utilize float therapy for its wide range of benefits. Not only can floating tanks help with recuperation after an intense competition, but float sessions can also assist with quicker recovery between training sessions, so you can get back to lifting, drilling and scrimmaging at a faster pace. In addition, floating regularly can help boost focus – especially if you are experiencing difficulties from concussions – and visualization tactics to improve your sports performance. Read More

Float Therapy for Parents & Pregnant Women

What is float therapy, and how does it benefit parents, specifically? The act of floatation can provide moms and dads with life improvement tactics, like making better decisions and reacting more mindfully. Additionally, floating can be a saving grace for pregnant women seeking comfort. Known for both its psychical and psychological healing powers, Epsom salt water therapy provides a haven of relaxation while removing pressure from the body, as well as external stimuli from the equation. If you’re a parent or expectant mother feeling tense, stressed and exhausted, consider booking a visit to a float spa, which offers a natural way to recharge and reboot. Read More

How Entrepreneurs & Biohackers Use Float Therapy

When you’re hard at work, making the time to unplug isn’t always a top priority. As business owners, our days are jam-packed with both scheduled and impromptu tasks. However, instead of focusing on how to reduce tension in our day-to-day lives, we tend to take on more than we can handle. With floatation therapy and other wellness rituals factored into the mix, though, you can work toward achieving peak performance, thanks to extra energy and improved concentration. Read on to find how successful entrepreneurs – including those who are known biohackers – use Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST floatation) to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Read More

Float Therapy for First Responders & Shift Workers

As a first responder, you are designated and trained to prioritize the needs of others in emergency situations. Unfortunately, the busy life of a first responder or shift worker doesn’t always provide free time to visit a float spa, a massage therapist or your favorite yoga class. However, scheduling appointments for your own self-care is critical to your work performance, as well as your mental and physical health. Learn how booking floatation sessions can help you relax, recover and reset, so you can ensure you are always ready and alert for your important work. Read More

Floatation for Veterans & Active Servicemembers

Many combat veterans and active servicepeople on leave utilize float tanks for their various therapeutic purposes. There are both psychological benefits of floating for veterans to help ease the mind, as well as physical advantages to help with bodily recovery. Additionally, veterans who struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, also seek relief through the practice of floating. Read More

How Float Spas Address Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

In addition to constant pain, physical injuries keep many people from working. Floating can help you receive natural pain relief and get back to work faster. In addition, sensory deprivation tanks and pods may be able to:

  • Expedite the healing of broken bones.
  • Decrease joint pain and accelerate the healing of sprained joints.
  • Relieve chronic pain in the neck and back.
  • Provide spinal alignment.
  • Offer physical rehabilitation.
  • Recover hard-worked muscles faster.

Patients Seeking Float Tank Therapy Benefits

At Float8, our salt therapy wellness center welcomes all of the above visitors and more. In addition, we cater to various patients seeking to treat all types of medical conditions. First and foremost, many of our float center visitors hope to relieve stress, as well as the negative effects and symptoms of the below conditions:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Apoplexy
  • Scoliosis
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Migraines or tension headaches

Whether you are a parent, a veteran, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a first responder or someone suffering from a medical condition that could benefit from float therapy, don’t hesitate to book your first float spa visit. At Float8 in South Florida, we guarantee you will feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors. Our floating process is transparent, our staff is extremely educated and passionate (can’t you tell?) and our goal is the same as yours – to improve your quality of life today, so you can get on with enjoying tomorrow.


  • Avatar Lola says:

    I’m interested in flotation therapy, however I’m getting a bit of an anxiety response when I look at the tank online and I am not sure where the feeling is coming from. Would I be able to come in person and see how I feel about it before I book?

    • Matt Matt says:

      Of course! We can’t guarantee that a float room will be available to view as we do fill up but feel free to stop by anytime! Keep in mind that you are in complete control during your float: you can get in or out whenever, open or close it anytime and choose to have a light on or off.

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