Our float tanks contain 10 inches of a 30% Epsom salt (MgSO₄) solution created by mixing 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt into 180 gallons of water. Our bodies have over 300 functions that require Magnesium, and we’re all deficient…so just soaking in our solution provides a wide array of benefits. However, the main reason we use it is to help you float effortlessly. By removing gravity’s effects from the body, your spine lengthens and falls into natural alignment as your body lets go.

We have a finite amount of energy which gets used for our surface level needs, not always getting to our deeper needs. We use 20-30% of our energy in any given moment fighting gravity. So by removing its effects, we give ourselves a 20-30% energy boost to help recover from workouts and injuries as well as fight off illness, inflammation and even disease.

The other goal is to remove external stimuli. The rooms are soundproofed so you don’t hear anything. When you’re ready, you turn the light off so you don’t see anything. And the temperature of the environment is set to be the same as your external temperature so you don’t feel anything.

This environment induces a meditative state which reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus and clarity, and inspires creativity. It is also an environment of homeostasis for the body. With no external stressors, your hormones come to balance; your blood pressure, heart rate and breath rate lower; and your blood flow increases.

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