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What exactly is float therapy?

In float tanks, you float! Floatation Therapy allows your mind, body and spirit to relax, recover and reset. In the tank, there is little to no effort used in “survival mode” or to keep your body afloat on its own. By removing gravity’s effects from the body, your spine lengthens and falls into natural alignment as your tension lets go.

How does float therapy work?

The solution we use inside the tanks creates a buoyancy that is best compared to that of the Dead Sea. It contains  ~1,000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into filtered water. That might sound like a lot of water, but the tanks are so large that the water height comes between your ankle and your knees, depending on how tall you are. So, if you can’t swim, that’s no problem! The water is shallow.

What are the benefits of floating in Epsom salts?

With 30% of the solution containing Epsom salt, our bodies reap the benefits. The chemical compound of Epsom salt includes MgSO₄, or Magnesium Sulfate. Our bodies have over 300 functions that require Magnesium, and most of us are deficient. Soaking in our solution provides a wide array of benefits to make up for this deficiency in our bodies.

We also have a finite amount of energy, which gets used for our surface level needs, such as our daily activities. We use 20-30% of our energy in any given moment fighting gravity. So, by removing the effects of gravity, we give ourselves that energy back and a boost for our deeper needs — including workout & injury recovery, as well as fighting off illness, inflammation and even disease.

Why is floating relaxing?

Float therapy aims to minimize outside distractions. This involves the hustle and bustle of our hectic world constantly competing for your attention like our phone and media distractions, as well as constant competition for your attention and nonstop noise. We aim to get rid of external stimuli for complete relaxation. The rooms are soundproofed and you can turn the light off as you please, so you don’t hear or see anything. The temperature of the environment is set to be the same as your external temperature. When the temperature is the same as your own body heat, it masks feeling anything around you.

Float therapy benefits

There are plenty of benefits to floating. The environment induces a meditative state which reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus and clarity, and inspires creativity. Float tanks are also an environment of homeostasis for the body, meaning a stable equilibrium. With no external stressors, your hormones come to balance, your blood pressure normalizes, your heart and breath rates lower, and your blood flow increases.

  • Psychologically, the basic idea of floating is to get out of it what you put into it. We encourage you to float at least three times because by the third float, your body is familiar with the process and can comprehend what is happening so it doesn’t turn into fight or flight mode. You can completely and totally relax.
  • Physically, the Epsom salt solution does the work for you. Whether you have chronic pain, or simply just want body realignment, the float tank works its magic.

From our comfortable lounges to the tanks, float therapy is a serene experience from the moment you walk through Float8’s doors. When you arrive, we give you a quick tour along with a tutorial on what to do. We want you to understand that you have complete control going into the tank and coming out of it. Our top priority is for you to enjoy a well-deserved float — and to make you feel right at home.

If you would like to book a float with us, we would love to see you!

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