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Steps For An

Amazing Float


We provide everything you need for your float. In each room, you will find a tray on the bench containing earplugs, face wipes and a plant-based Vaseline alternative. The earplugs are used primarily to keep salt out of your ears, face wipes to remove makeup and “un-petroleum” jelly for protecting cuts or scrapes that may be sensitive to the salt. The earplugs are made of silicone and should be rolled into a ball in your hands, warming them until they become malleable. Place the ball into your ear and flatten it to create a seal. You’ll want to do this before you shower because you get a better seal while dry.


Your body and hair being clean and free from lotion, hair products, deodorant and perfumes is an important step in the process of keeping the solution pristine for everyone. It’s a “pay it forward” situation. When everyone showers thoroughly before entering the tank, we all benefit. You’ll be floating in your birthday suit, but if you feel more comfortable in a bathing suit, please shower in it to remove ocean water, sand and detergent. Please shower using shampoo and shower gel only. Please refrain from using conditioner during your pre-shower because that will bring oils into the tank, but feel free to use it during your post-shower.


The float environment is set to be the same temperature as you, so we suggest taking neutral temperature shower. We find that if you take a hot or cold shower, that will affect your body temperature making it feel cool or warm and increasing your adjustment time.


You’re obviously getting wet again so you don’t have to dry your entire body, but we suggest drying your face and hairline well before getting in. Not only does the salt solution irritate any cuts you may have, but being about twice the salinity of the ocean, it also stings if you get it in your eyes. The less you touch your face, the better, and we find that if our face is wet, it can be itchy and distracting as the water moves or evaporates. We also place a small towel in each tank for you in case you have an itch you can’t resist or need to make any adjustments.


The only other thing in the tank with you is a neck support. Sometimes while getting used to the new environment and maybe not trusting the solution to support your head, you may hold tension in your neck and not fully let go. This will eventually lead to discomfort that the neck support will relieve. So start by rolling your neck out and find a natural spot for head to sit. Another factor in your comfort is your arm position. We are all built and shaped different so we all float differently. Try different positions with your arms — over your head, at your sides, across your chest or stomach, or whatever seems natural for you. There is no right or wrong way to float.


The room lights are on a motion sensor so please do not touch the switches. Just get in the tank and they will turn off shortly. Then they will come back on when you open the tank.


Once you’re in, you may close the door if you choose. Opening and closing the tank during your float is totally in your control. Although you’ll lose some of the warmth, you can leave the tank open if you’d like. You can also roll a towel to prop the door open. Each tank has a fan so there is air circulation keeping it from getting too stuffy. Whether you just need a quick breath of fresh air, you’re ready to get out or your time is up; just push on the door to open it as there is no button, latch or knob.


Whenever you’re ready, you can turn off the light by pushing the button. It sticks out from the wall so that you can find it in the dark. Whether you need to find the neck support or towel, or you just want to check in with reality, you may turn the light on and off throughout the float.


When your time is up, the light will come on. You’ll be encrusted in salt so squeegee your body and wring your hair leaving what you can in the tank. Then ease yourself out and shower again. If the earplugs leak or you choose not to use them, rinse your ears with the squirt bottle in the shower which contains a 50/50 vinegar/water solution that will help remove any salt residue.


When you’re done, just leave the towels in the room…we will clean them up. Enjoy a cup of tea or kombucha in our lounge and then go about your day enjoying your post-float-glow.

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  • Avatar Aixa says:

    I want to thank you, the float help reduce my nerve pain a lot, it gave me enough relief for me to be able to sleep after. I could feel the inflammation in my whole body going down, and during the float my body awareness without external stimuli allowed me to consciously relax and let go of the tension in those areas that were most painful. I am looking forward to my next one. Amazing healing tool!

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