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At Float8 DFB, we have four float tanks including three Royal Spa Float Pods and one Superior Quest Float Suite (aka our Cabin). At Float8 FTL, we have four Superior Float Tanks including two Revolution Float Orbs, a Standard Quest Float Suite (aka our Cabin) and a Deluxe Quest Float Suite (aka our Deluxe Cabin). Although different presentations, once you turn the lights off, all of our float tanks offer 10-12″ of our 30% Epsom salt solution to float in and a whole lot of nothing else. Most floaters feel comfortable in any of the float environments, but the Cabin has a much taller ceiling and is about a foot longer making it more comfortable for those who experience true claustrophobia or who are taller than 6’4″ or so. Our Deluxe Cabin is even bigger and capable of accommodating tandem floats. We hear all the time that our floaters are “claustrophobic” but once they see the Pods, Orbs or Cabins, they express that’s they’re much larger than they were expecting. Plus you’re in complete control of getting in and out and turning the light on or off the entire time.

Pod: 5’W x 7’2″L x 4’H
Orb: 4’9″W x 8’8″L
Cabin: 4’4″W x 7’10″L x 7’4″H
Deluxe Cabin: 6’6″W X 7’10″L x 7’4″H

Book your pod or suite float today by clicking BOOK NOW or by calling (754) 666-3588

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