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New Year. New You. So many of us start the year setting New Year’s resolutions that we intend to keep. In most cases, we wait until the start of the year to put things in motion. But, some holiday wellness experiences that you can start today can set you up for a wonderful (and healthy) beginning to 2022. Let’s explore some of these options to make the last month of 2021 set you up for the most incredible 2022 ever. 

1. Yoga Intensive

Sign up for a 2-week yoga intensive workshop. Ending the year by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit will help you stay better connected when the holidays wrap up. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility. Not to mention it can promote energy and vitality or get you ready to ring in the New Year in total wellness. Two of our favorite studios include Anuttara Yoga in Delray Beach and the Yoga Joint with multiple South Florida locations including one next door to Float8 Deerfield Beach

2. Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse involves drinking only fruit and/or vegetable juices for a certain period, usually one to seven days. This can help reset your gut, as you’re reducing the amount of stress and work your gut has to deal with regularly. Juice cleanses a great way to give the body time to recharge, especially after all the eating we do during the holidays. 

3. Floating Therapy

If you haven’t already, give floating therapy a try. Sensory deprivation tanks can help ease mental anxiety, something very common during the holidays. Float therapy boasts many benefits and can help you find a wellness balance to start the year on the right foot. The best part is that once you find the perfect float studio, you can give yourself a package, so you’ll know you’ll come back ready to live up to your wellness resolutions in 2022.  

4. Spa Weekend

Treat yourself to a spa weekend before the year ends. Setting time aside to relax at the spa can help de-stress, relieve pain, promote sleep, and improve your overall wellness. Choose from different spa packages that include deep-tissue massages, detoxing facials, and even anti-aging procedures. 

5. Daily Meditation

The holidays can be pretty stressful. Dial back with a daily meditation practice. It doesn’t have to be too intense; 5-10 minutes a day will do. Meditation helps you gain a new perspective on stressful situations and increases self-awareness. It allows us to focus on the present, which can be challenging to do during the holidays. 

6. Catching Up With Friends

Not all wellness experiences have to be done alone. Catching up with old friends during the holidays can improve your sense of purpose and belonging. Set some time aside to meet with friends and boost your happiness levels. A break from the pressure and stress from the holidays to sit back and relax can help you find the right mindset to ring in the new year. 

7. Winding Down

Just relax! Sometimes, we forget how busy the holidays can get. It’s almost as if we feel we’re running out of time for no reason. Instead of running around trying to get everything done, set some time to wind down and relax. Doing nothing can help you feel more well-rested, be mentally stronger, and actually be more productive. Try to schedule some me-time at least once a week to relax during the holidays. 

8. Get Moving More Often

At last, use this time to start hitting your fitness resolutions. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to push back your exercise routine. While you don’t need to hit the gym every day, it will be beneficial to get moving more often. Enjoy the winter weather and go out for a walk more often. Try cycling and other winter outdoor activities that keep you active. 

Holiday Wellness FloatHow you end this year will set you up for the next one. Book a float session today to try some of these wellness experiences to end the year with the right mindset. Float8 is South Florida’s premier destination for your first floatation therapy experience; find a location near you today and start floating. 

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