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My name is Angela. I live in Orlando Florida and have been using the Float8 facility in Baldwin Park for about a year and 7 months.
I started floating due to some chronic pain I was having in my entire body. I also went because my best friend who lives in TN saw me spiraling and purchased my first 3 floats as a gift.
I was hooked after the 3 floats, but it wasn’t until my 5th float that I was like, I NEED this in my regular wellness routine.
The short version is, I had some traumatic events happen in my life as a child and as an adult. I have a cleaning service, and I am physical all day long. I have taken Epsom salt baths for as long as I can recall. When I started, the pain I was having was a repetitive injury along with me storing stress in my body. The doctors wanted to shoot me up with steroids and prescribed medications as their solution.
I KNEW there had to be a better way.
I changed my diet, I started lifting heavily at the gym despite my pain since I knew my weekly or even bi-weekly floats helped with the recovery process.
2 weeks ago while in the facility, I saw Dr Justin Feinstein’s goal of taking floating against big Pharma!!!! I immediately looked him up, listened to all his podcasts and Ted talks, and felt compelled to write to you as the owner to thank you, and I honestly hope your facility becomes one that will collect data to further this study.
I am sure there are others out there like me that have  had floating change their life. 🙌
So flash forward, since my first float, I have NOT had to be injected with steroids again. I do not have to take any of the prescribed medications. Most importantly the things that used to trigger me, no longer trigger me since I know the float tank has calmed my nervous system by forcing me to meditate without knowing what I was in fact doing.
All of my clients that I service are in Celebration, and I honestly recommend floating to EVERYONE!!!! The problem is, the closest one to them is 45 mins away. So if you need an idea for another location, I can totally recommend the Celebration area. 😁
I have been wanting to send this email to say thank you for the amazing facility and hope floating goes way beyond what it is now. I have personally thanked Katie and Paige who both have been there since I started. They are passionate about the reasons to float as well. I watch people walk by with their curiosities and boy, IF they really knew, they would jump in the pod as well. 🙌
I plan on sending Dr Justin Feinstein and his team an email as well.
Thank you again and it was an absolute pleasure to float on Thanksgiving day before the festivities.
An avid lover of floating,
Angela M.

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