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During the month of November, we pledge FREE floats to veteran and active military members through our Weightless Warriors program, we’ve had a tremendous response. These men and women who serve our country need their community’s support when they return home, and we are honored to provide floatation therapy which proves to be so beneficial to not only help gain perspective but reduce general anxiety and relieve anxiety-based conditions. Below is a powerful post-float journal entry from one of the participants.

(*not CLW)

“I have been forcing myself to stay busy. Afraid of being alone, afraid of being stuck with my own thoughts. I was running away from my past and who I was. After 10 years of military service in a combat M.O.S. it was just easier to run. Easier to move fast and not . . . think. I had no idea that for that for so long, I was doing it all wrong. I’ve taken my blinders off now, and I’ve decided to REALLY LIVE. Don’t think, just swim, dance, fly, climb, cry, laugh, jump, sing, love, smile, search, grow . . . and be . . .”   – CLW 10NOV17

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water because you will sink & drown. Instead you relax and float.”   – Allen Watts

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