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Yesterday, this striking poster came to my mailbox. I have it stretched out on a low table behind me, and I can turn my chair and see it. I just turned again to be sure I’m telling you the way it is. Yes, it is that way. It says:
The photo takes my attention for a long enough time to produce tears, deep breaths, and love. The child in this photo is beautiful to my sympathetic systems. To me it is a very similar message I just reread from my mentor, Dr. John Lilly, in his 1971 The Center of the Cyclone. “It is my firm belief that the experience of higher states of consciousness is necessary for survival of the human species.”
To me these are survival warnings, and we want you to know there is something we can do about it. We offer a pathway to consciousness that is very special. Floating, of course, is what I’m referencing. I do know that not everyone knows about floatation tanks, pods, rooms, etc…yet, and I really want to pass it on since I’m very concerned with the survival of humanity, and I do know a lot about floating.
It’s an experience that happens in a dedicated, quiet place that nurtures contemplation and concentration with minimum distractions. I also see it as a place that allows for a spark in your development of an empty mind and an open heart which seems to allow you an ability to function at a higher level. You may recognize the feeling if you are into sports or dance, free from the ordinary expectations of gravity.
-Lee Perry, Samadhi Floatation Tanks

Glenn and Lee Perry are the founders of Samadhi Floatation Tanks, pioneers of the first commercial float tanks and float center.

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