Float8 is seeking rockstars to join our growing team as part-time and full-time Float Facilitators! We are a float-focused wellness service brand with two float centers located in Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach currently and new South Florida locations on the way. Each location has four float rooms with hip and inspiring art-infused lounges and other quiet spaces to let go. 

We are confident that we can train you on all of the necessary skills required to do the job, but you need to embody the Float8 Core Values and be inspired by our Mission and Vision in order to succeed within our entrepreneurial organization.



We Care
We care, we really do. We care about our floaters, our team and the Float8 brand. We are dedicated. We are mindful. We are empathetic. We act with integrity. We are inclusive. We value wellness and self-growth. And we are consistent. Float8 employees balance an owner’s mindset and a floater’s heartset in an effort to ensure that we can continue to care for our floaters.

We Value Autonomy
Float8 employees must thrive while working on their own. There is a deep culture of support, but Float8 employees often work with little to no management so our ability to intuitively prioritize and hold ourselves accountable are essential. And I mean, we’re in the business of isolating people…right?

We Maintain Chillitude
The Float8 vibe is paramount and our “chill attitude” is our energetic axis. Float8 employees may be working hard, but our floaters would never know it.

We Love Floating!
Not only do we love to float, we love to learn and teach others about floatation therapy.


Float8 provides floatation therapy in a safe, clean and serene environment for our floaters to relax, recover and reset so that they can live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Float8 will positively impact the lives of our global community – directly or indirectly – through floatation therapy.


The Float8 Float Facilitator manages both front- and back-of-house duties including greeting floaters and leading them through our customer journey, cleaning, guiding new floater orientation tours, laundry, using our intuitive POS/booking/project management system, cleaning, preparing our float rooms, laundry and as you guessed it…cleaning and laundry. We successfully make the job look easy to our floaters but let’s be real, this job requires hustle and a take-care-of-business mentality (queue mission and vision inspiration). Grossed out by other people’s hair? Don’t like dipping into your stash of elbow grease? Unable to occasionally move a 50lbs bag of Epsom salt? This job is probably not for you.

And remember, you must love floating. A regular float practice is one of the best perks of the job, rivaled only by your interactions with our amazing floaters. So if you haven’t floated yet, it’s time to book.

The position does require quite a bit of training so we are only interested in candidates who desire at least one year of employment. Have experience operating a float center or a similar service-based business and looking for shorter term work? Follow the instructions below and let’s talk.

****If you’re still reading and feeling fired up by this opportunity, we invite you to email your resume with a note about why you’re a good fit and the subject “Your Next Float8 Float Facilitator” to hello@float8ion.com. This is the only way to apply so if you’re serious, make sure to follow this instruction.****

Salary: $12-20/hour + commissions, tips, floats and other fringe benefits. Compensation increases with ongoing training, continuing education and regular floating.

Job Type: Part-time or Full-time
Our part-time Float Facilitators work at least 2-3 shifts (15-20 hours) per week. Our full-time Float Facilitators work 5+ shifts (40+ hours) per week. We are open early in the morning until late at night, seven days a week. Float Facilitators must be available to work weekends and early and/or late shifts.

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