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Floatation tanks are filled with Epsom salt solution. At Float8, our tanks have approximately 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved in water at body temperature so that you can float and feel like you’re on a cloud. When you enter the tank, you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself afloat, the solution does the work for you. It has a variety of benefits and is a popular solution used for a relieving detoxifying experience.

What Is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, a mineral that your body needs to function and generally doesn’t get enough of. A healthy diet can only do so much, but soaking in Epsom salt can increase the mineral supply in your body and remove toxins from your body, as well.

If you are soaking in an Epsom salt bath, it is absorbed through the skin. This absorption is crucial to helping magnesium deficiency in human beings. It also does not take that long to start kicking in, just around 15 minutes.

The chemical compound looks similar to table salt and dissolves in water. What it does to help you float is much like the Dead Sea in Israel. The solution raises the density and the buoyancy of the water allowing you to float freely. When you’re floating in one of our float tanks, don’t have to work your muscles, and you can restore energy.

What Are the Benefits of Soaking in Epsom Salt?

There are an enormous amount of benefits to soaking in Epsom salt, like helping regulate your nervous system and adding more energy to your day-to-day activities. Since Epsom salt has magnesium, it can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

For starters, it helps move around blood sugar which reduces fatigue when exercising, thus giving you more energy. Following this sentiment, it helps keep blood sugar levels under control and reduce insulin resistance, which is a benefit against Type 2 Diabetes. Epsom salt solution can also:

  • Have anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduce depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Prevent migraines
  • Improve PMS symptoms

One of the main reasons Epsom salt has an extreme benefit to the body is because it combats a problem many of us can relate to: stress. Stress reduction is so important to a happier you because magnesium is also known to increase serotonin levels.

What Are the Side Effects of Epsom Salt Baths?

Of course, like all good things, there are some side effects you might want to be aware of. These can include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Allergic reactions

Float8 goes above and beyond  to make sure you are in a safe and clean environment to avoid any issues that might arise. We also provide guidelines on how to float before you jump into the tank. One of the most important things we offer is “un-petroleum” jellythat you can apply to any cuts or scrapes before entering the salt bath to avoid any burns or sensitive areas.

Is Floatation Therapy Just a Trend?

Some may say so, but historically floatation therapy has been around for over 50 years. It has attracted the attention of mainstream media recently with society being more attentive towards mental health awareness, as it can act as an ailment to depression. More and more celebrities are also enjoying it, which brings awareness to floatation tanks throughout pop culture. Today, there are float tank centers all around the world from major cities to small towns. 

Float8 is on a mission to reduce stress and anxiety in the world and encourage peace and relaxation. We hope you have the best experience possible. When you get here we guide you through the simple steps of getting into the tank. We show you to one of the tank rooms for your privacy. We ask that you shower before getting into the tank. You are provided with earplugs and the “un-petroleum” jelly (as mentioned above) for any open cuts or scraps. Then, you’re ready to float at your leisure.

It is okay for you to let your body float free in the tank allowing the Epsom salt to support you. We give you a halo  to rest your head on, as many people are worried about letting their neck  muscles relax at first.. We assure you that you will feel comfortable and relieved during the float, and for an extended period of time afterwards. Upon leaving the tank, we ask that you take another show to wash off all of the salt and then you’re welcome to relax t in our lounge with  a refreshment. It is an experience that you don’t want to ‘float away’ from.

We hope to see you soon at Float8!

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