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Float8 is a purpose-driven business offering floatation therapy at locations in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach as well as Orlando's Baldwin Park and SoDo neighborhoods operated by Matt & Destiny Beck of Delray Beach, FL and supported by an amazing team dedicated to our cultural principles.

Float8 is dedicated to enhancing performance, providing hope and improving quality of life in our community, one amazing float at a time.

Matt’s story

At a pivotal time in my life while coping with a family tragedy, an influential colleague shared a sentiment with me. He stated that the most valuable asset we have to give in life…is our time. I took that to heart and increased focusing my energy outwards, continuing on my path of helping others.

Many years later, I found myself in a high level of anxiety, failing to focus and struggling to sleep. In my search for relief, I discovered floating.

Alone time in a float tank helped me gain the perspective I was searching for and the realization that I was giving all of my time to others while not taking any to care for myself.

It was then that I shifted my focus to providing floatation therapy to the world. To provide my community a safe, clean and serene space to relax, recover and reset so that they can live happier, healthier and more productive lives. To continue focusing on helping others but not before helping myself. To focus on Float8.

Our promise to you




Our core values

We Care

We really do! We care about our floaters, our team and the Float8 brand. We are dedicated, consistent, mindful, empathetic and inclusive. We act with integrity and value wellness & self-growth. We do our best but recognize that we’re all human and show eachother grace when we fall short.

We Maintain Chillitude

The Float8 vibe is paramount and our “chill attitude” is our energetic axis. We are able to maintain chillitude in any situation due to our dedicated preparation, experiential knowledge and instilled confidence that everything continues to happen exactly the way it’s meant to. Float8 employees may be working hard, but our floaters would never know it. And remember, we are in the business of reducing stress…not creating it!

We Empower

We provide our floaters and Team8s an experience and the space for introspection and personal growth. Float8 employees are empowered to balance an owner’s mindset and a floater’s heartset in an effort to ensure that we can continue to care for our floaters.

We Love Floating!

Not only do we love to float, we are passionate about learning more and teaching others about floatation therapy.

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