FREE Floats For Veteran/Active Military Members 11/7-10

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Float8 greatly appreciates the past and present service of our active and veteran military members. We understand that the transition from active duty to civilian life can be challenging, and we are dedicated to helping you with that adjustment. Although we always offer military members $60 floats (25% discount), we are also dedicating one tank per day of the week leading up to Veteran’s Day for free floats to further lower the bar of entry. That’s six floats per day on Tuesday 11/7, Wednesday 11/8, Thursday 11/9, and Friday 11/10.

Not only can floatation therapy help put your life in perspective, it has also been found to be helpful treating baseline anxiety which all too commonly presents as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and leads to an unhealthy way of living.

If you served in the United States Military and are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please send an email to and include your full name, contact phone number, photo of your military ID, and the date and time that works best for you.

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