Breathe & Float With Pedro Luna

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We all know that floating benefits both our body and mind evidenced by that calm, clear and peaceful state of being when we leave the float center. Now what if we told you that you could enhance your float session with the power of conscious breathing? We are excited to offer you a unique pre-float breath work and intention setting experience to help enhance your float session and get more value out of it.

Breathe & Float with Pedro Luna
Monday 5/6 @ 5:15pm | 7:15pm
$30 or $20 for Float8 members*
Only 4 seats per session so BOOK NOW!
*Does not include your float. Members will receive a $10 credit towards their next payment or retail purchase.

Most of us stay engaged in our busy lives until just moments before entering the float tank. When this happens, it can take us quite a bit of time to let go. To help aid this transition, we are offering this breath-work session to help bridge the gap between the chaos of daily life and your float.

This 30 minute pre-float practice led by Pedro Luna is designed to help you connect with your breath, calm your mind and set a clear intention before your float. When you enter your float tank, you will be fully prepared to float into bliss.

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Pedro Luna is a South Florida-based yoga instructor who has led many unique yoga experiences and breath-work sessions. Pedro is an avid floater and meditator who believes that just one conscious inhale and one conscious exhale is a meditation in its own right. To be aware is to be alive.

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