If you’ve spent any time in our lounge, you’ve probably picked up a copy of “Blue Mind” by Wallace “J” Nichols which we have available for purchase. I first learned about the Blue Mind movement when J spoke at the 2015 Float Conference, and I immediately connected with the message. Living by the beach in South Florida and formerly an Ocean Rescue EMT, I’ve spent countless hours soaking in the benefits that the great blue sea has to offer. I met with J in the break out session following his presentation and shared stories about collecting sea beans from the shoreline and dreaming about the infinite miles they may have traveled before finding it’s way to me. I’m very excited that his 8th Annual Blue Mind Summit: Water Is Medicine is being held in Miami at the brand new Frost Science Museum where Dr. Justin Feinstein of the Laureate Institute Of Brain Research will represent the “Floating Is Medicine” segment. will If you’d like to attend in person, you can register here. If you’re unable to attend but would like to tune in virtually, you can register for online access here. If you do head down, make sure to say “hi!” -Matt

Founded in 2009 by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J Nichols, the mission of Blue Mind Works is to ensure everyone understands and has access to their #bluemind because #waterismedicine for all of us.

We are always one step ahead on big, creative, and disruptive ideas that improve our relationship with water and oceans.

We have no staff, overhead or offices, receive no foundation or government grants, have no big donors, sponsors or celebrity spokespeople, and have never held a fundraiser. Through Patreon we are baking a new funding pie, and our solid patrons, ambassadors, and partners drive this global movement.

Doing things differently and pioneering big new ideas is hard. So, we get a lot done with modest resources, artful collaboration, and a clever, passionate team. Think of what we could do with a little more!

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